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I am Ajay Thakshinamoorthy, 20 years old from India. Life began in 1997, I would say for the start, it was and still is a challenge. At the start of life, I thought that life will go smoothly. Slowly but surely I learned that I needed to steer life the life I want.


In this Journey, I faced many challenges that made me what and how I am today; 2 surgeries  (2003 and 2009) 2 years living in hostel without my parents (7 January 2016 to 22 December 2017).


Only with strong and determined heart and mind could face such challenges. I recall  every tear and every scream that happened in post surgery recovery period in 2009. So I started to ask advice from my friends to calm myself down. But after a while, I started realizing that my problems are mine and nobody can help to solve them. And nobody was waiting to pull the needles out of my back and that it was my task to do. So, I start smiling to win people trust and build My confidence up. I strongly believe that my smile is the center of myself.


Then one day I asked my friend, can we meet up? her answer was I don t know if it is possible. That raised an alarming question what is my value for the people around me when I was searching to get an answer.


I give presentations to various schools, where I talk about "Value of Education and How does it take it next level in the society". The presentations that I give, gives immense  happiness and those moments are so important to me purely because I am meeting someone with whom I can easily connect with.  I don’t see myself as a special person, unfortunately, that is been injected into my mind from day 1 by the society. I am a normal person with a special skill.


If I look back, the decisions and choices that I took, some were good and some were bad, but I take these decisions based on my gut feelings and knowledge I had. Please be noted that all decisions are either correct or wrong, only time can say. One thing I can say is that if any one meets me, I will make them to be happy.


If u ask people what my biggest strength is. the answer will be my smile... bet you!


I guess time will tell if one will be a diamond or not.

Keep your head up, be yourself and create your own path!



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My mind is packed with thoughts, Your smile is my relief.

The fear of failure is a loss of belief.

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