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My question to you is very simple, how much do you appreciate the value of study. I totally understand that at young age, one wants to go to chill out with friends, go to the cinema and go for shopping. Hell, even I want to go out with my friends and enjoy life. But there are some things that prevent it  from happening. The way I think is what is next in life after the study, is to make my own money.


Money for me is an emotional value and prestige to me. It comes back in everything that I do. The quietness is my biggest enemy, because when it is quiet I start to think of the reason of life and why I been put in this predicament.


You can reach me out at my below phone number to make your life more positive and more valuable. At times, when  I contact with normal person, it gives a sort of peace it is indescribable.


Normal people are given all privilege, gets opportunities and could walk in rather easier roads, where as we are not. We are all constantly searching for a five-star job, five-star dress, five-start gadgets etc., obsessed with "five". Instead we need to value the little things like sharing concerns, make people happy and enjoy the life with what you have.


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My mind is packed with thoughts, Your smile is my relief.

The fear of failure is a loss of belief.

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