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Life can be very dark sometimes

but keep listening to the voice of your dream


At this young age, we all face our own challenges; from physical changes to mental ones: everyone will start to change.

People start judging you. And you start searching for your own identity. There are people who can be deaf to other people’s views, I got one hats off to you I can’t do that, so I am glad with my strong character.

That process is tough enough when you are a ‘normal’ person, and here’s me having been given the gift of a handicap. When I look back on how that gift unwrapped, I would say I am actually pleased!

The key thing I learn in this process is “Stay positive”. This is a skill that you should master, a skill I hope everyone would master.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but as you move along in life it becomes harder and harder to keep a positive mind. At times, it might feel like nobody around you understand the ins and outs of your life. When you hear the words “no” and “can’t” your whole life, no matter how hard you try to block the negative comments, subconsciously you start to believe that… Maybe you can block the comments for one or two years, yet after a while it will get to you. At this stage, it is very important to hold on to the pretty things in your life: a smile, a positive comment from someone or even a compliment.

At this age you need study, I understand that, but I am trying to win everything that comes with that: social acceptance and new friends – I’d like to get my space back into my mind and get my confidence back up and be happy again!

One thing is certain: I will keep smiling to the world and I hope one day I can say “I did it!”.





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My mind is packed with thoughts, Your smile is my relief.

The fear of failure is a loss of belief.

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